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Market leadership, Ethical and professional service, upscale appearance, Technology services and the application of modern systems and programs


To pursue excellence and keep clients delighted all over the duration we are delivering our services

Integrated Pest Management

Integrated pest management practices by given mj-fm company for sustainable and eco-friendly pest control solutions

Integrated Pest Management

We, MJ® Services Group Co. , constantly strive to help our customers achieve a pest-free environment in their offices or homes using safe, environmentally-friendly, non-toxic materials. We understand the importance of keeping pests out of your facility. Pests pose a major risk to the safety of your food and can lead to poor health inspections scores and even a shutdown. Additionally, pest problems can quickly gain public attention and damage your reputation.

We’re here to help

Our methods are science-driven, and are informed by our decades of experience with all types of pest species. We focus intensely on investigating the underlying reasons for an infestation, rather than simply treating the problem. Our goal is always to provide a superior long-term result. Our custom treatments adapt with the season to address seasonal pest activity in your area, giving you protection all year long.

Our services can be customized to meet the demands of our clients’ particular business, and include:

  • Pest inspections, reports and recommendations
  • Sanitation and treatments
  • Monitoring systems
  • Fly traps
  • Documentation that can be adapted to international standards
  • Fumigation

We are specialized in the following sectors:

  • Food & Beverage
  • Hotels & Lodging
  • Medical Facility
  • Industries
  • Retails & Shopping
  • Educational Facilities
  • Modes of transport
  • Military

Sanitation & Disinfection

Majority of people live, work and recreate in densely populated environments, which facilitate to a greater extend their susceptibility to different pathogens. The treat of getting sick has health related and psychological issues. It reduces the well-being of the population as well as has a strong economic impact due to absenteeism and reduced productivity. Even more, the air distribution system could enhance this transmission so a disinfection of heating and cooling system can reduce the risk of respiratory diseases. MJ® Services Group Co. sanitation and disinfection system is based on environmental friendly substances to eliminate any risk on our customer health.

Food Safety

Healthcare workers wearing personal protective equipment (PPE) to prevent the spread of infectious diseases, as part of infection control and prevention measures


All organizations within the food supply chain are now able to implement standards regardless of company size or type. A food safety consultant can be an invaluable asset on the road to certification; providing a GAP Analysis, training and certification. The criteria for Food Safety Systems are drawn from ISO 22000/FSSC 22000 standards, Codex & Industry best practices. As well as providing ongoing guidance and support to senior management, and offering cost-effective methods for achieving a standards scheme.

MJ® Services Group Co. expert food safety consultants have a 100% client satisfaction rate, providing custom approaches to the following areas:

  • Food Safety Plan & Development
  • Internal Audit Training
  • HACCP Plan Development & Reassessment
  • HACCP Training

Food Safety Consultant Can:

  • Provide a GAP Analysis and pre-assessment to determine a company’s needs.
  • Develop a written program, with input from all levels of the organization.
  • Train staff in new policies and procedures, increasing their overall awareness.
  • Improve upon existing food safety practices and procedures.
  • Find solutions to challenges or barriers for implementing a standards scheme.
  • Troubleshoot safety or food traceability issues within an organization’s operation.
  • Set up documentation and proper record keeping procedures.
  • Assist in the preparation for pre-audits and audits with a certified registrar.
  • Source equipment, software and services such as food laboratory testing.


Companies must make sure their team receives the essential training to meet customer and government requirements. We provide on-site training for personalized attention. We customize the course content specific to your operation and your needs. Our team develops and maintains content and material that reflects the most recent and relevant industry requirements.

Environmental Services

Person using a cleaning gel to disinfect and clean walls for germ control

Post Construction Cleaning-Up Service

When your construction project or renovation is complete and construction debris has been removed, look to us to provide a final, detailed cleaning. Our trained technicians put the finishing touch on newly constructed or remodeled homes — cleaning them from top to bottom, quickly and efficiently. Once we’ve completed our service, you just turn the key and you’re ready to move in and enjoy a property that sparkles.

A home that shines in no time!

Using advanced products and cleaning methods, we can make your newly built or renovated property shine in no time. And because we know that construction schedules can sometimes change for a number of reasons, we work closely with contractors and service technicians to accommodate any scheduling changes. More than thoroughly cleaning your home, we go the extra mile and can provide specialty cleaning services, such as window cleaning, floor finishing and deep carpet cleaning.

Our post-construction clean-up services include:

  • Vacuuming construction and drywall dust
  • Dusting Air Diffusers
  • Cleaning Lights
  • Damp cleaning restroom
  • Spot cleaning glass
  • Vacuuming and spot treating carpets
  • Damp mopping hard-surface floors
  • Pressure Washing

Group of workers performing spotless and deep cleaning on an escalator, using specialized tools and equipment

Deep Restaurant Cleaning Service

Kitchen duct clean- Kitchen Deep Clean Specialists offer friendly and professional cleaning services for schools, restaurants, hospitals, care homes and all other premises that cater with industrial kitchens. With the buildup of grease and dust we are Specialist Company to remove all grease especially prone areas like ducting, fans, kitchen extract and filters. In accordance with the Health and Safety Regulations all commercial premises with kitchens need a KITCHEN DEEP CLEAN to keep all cooking equipment in a clean and germ free condition at all times. We are happy to arrange with you a cleaning contract that you could feel confident and meet the required food safety & hygiene criteria. Grills are especially prone to gathering large amounts of grease and it is difficult for the ordinary cleaner to get into all crevices. With our special cleaning chemicals and kitchen deep cleaners everything is left spotless and CLEAN.

Professional cleaning crew performing floor care and vacuuming services on a commercial space, using specialized equipment

Professional Floor Care

From normal wear and tear to serious spills and damage, the flooring in your home or business can take a beating. However, with professional floor cleaning from the professionals at MJ® Services Group Co., you can keep your flooring looking great. We have the tools and expertise to clean all types of flooring throughout your home or business and keep them looking their best and prolong their lifespan. Different types of flooring require different cleaning techniques and products. Our floor cleaning professionals are trained in proper cleaning methods for a variety of flooring types, from hardwoods and carpeting to tile and laminate, so you can trust that all of your flooring will be cleaned effectively. Before we begin cleaning, we'll survey your space to identify the different types of flooring, high traffic areas, and create an individualized cleaning plan to ensure a thorough clean. We understand the flooring in your home or business is a huge investment. The professionals at MJ® Services Group Co. are here to help protect them with professional floor cleaning services. We offer flexible scheduling and custom floor cleaning solutions for residential and commercial spaces.

Janitorial service workers cleaning windows of a commercial building using specialized equipment and cleaning solutions

Janitorial Service

We provide commercial cleaning for office buildings and complexes, janitorial services for schools and janitorial services for food establishments. We have flexible scheduling options that range from daily to monthly or even a flat rate full service option to keep your business looking its finest.

  • Professionalism
  • Our crew members are extensively trained and use the latest commercial janitorial cleaning technologies to ensure the hygiene and safety of your facility, staff and clients.
  • Safety & Security
  • Every crew member goes through a rigorous background check and is outfitted in MJ® Services Group Co. uniform so you know they’re sent by us.
  • Availability
  • Every crew member goes through a rigorous background check and is outfitted in MJ® Services Group Co. uniform so you know they’re sent by us.
  • Confidence
  • We offer 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Hospitality Service

Hospitality Services provides innovative, practical and profitable methods of improving the way properties are operated. The first and primary responsibility of a hospitality management service is to produce solid financial results and to deliver quality services with responsible Asset Management. All personnel placed by MJ® Services Group Co. go through a rigorous screening and training process that gives them the opportunity to develop their skill levels to provide our clients a high level of service. MJ® Services Group Co. provides a full range of services from the front of the house to the back of the house.


BPCA certification awarded to a MJ-FM, indicating their compliance with industry standards and best practices
NPMA certification awarded to MJ-FM, indicating their compliance with industry standards for pest control
AFAQ ISO 22000 certification awarded MJ-FM, indicating their compliance with international standards for food safety management
MJ-FM receiving ISSA Cleaning Industry Management Standard (CIMS) certification for excellence in cleaning operations

Our Commitments

We will continually improve quality of service, through effective solutions tailored to the diverse needs of our customers, with contractual performance guarantees. We will play a key role in conserving natural resources and combating global warming, by conducting our business according to the highest international standards and capitalizing on our research. We will increasingly emphasize the management of health and safety risks, and health related issues in general, by integrating prevention into every business process. MJ team will include individuals with significant experience in their respective fields, as to ensure that the project can benefit from seasoned advice and professionals in order to develop a technical and financial structure that will lead to successful design and implementation of the project. The members of the core team will be available, motivated and committed to the project.

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