Food Safety

Internationally Accredited Trainings

Sanitizing & safety are the number one concern of MJ®. It is one of the best food safety training supplier in Lebanon. The charted institute of environmental health (CIEH, UK), Highfield Awarding Body for Compliance and the National Registry of Food Safety professionals are all certifications held by MJ®.

Reasons to train your employees

It is highly essential to inform Food Manufacturers about the effectiveness of hygiene for their business. Choosing the appropriate training company who abides by the international hygiene principles is the key of success when dealing with Food Handlers to prevent food poisoning accidents.

Food safety trainings @ MJ® give touchable result

  • Follow international standards that are equally recognized by local authorities
  • Are available in various languages, for all levels – including those who cannot read nor write
  • Are delivered by dedicated certified trainers that have an on-the-job experience to benefit all participants with practical cases
  • Help you safeguard your professional and business reputation
  • Support you in maintaining the best quality of food
  • Teach you how to avoid wastage while increasing the productivity of food handlers

Trainings that drive results

Why do MJ® accomplish top outcomes in its training courses?

  • Deliver information and materials upon the different needs of each company
  • Use technology and audio-visual equipment
  • Hands on experience and ease to studies

The Leading International Food Safety Certification for Food Establishments

The processed food industry has evolved over the past several decades to keep pace with food safety advances, including the development of HACCP. Companies such as restaurants, hospitals, catering, shops and many others will need to think hard about the rationale supporting their HACCP plans, especially their hazard analysis. They will have to spend more time deliberating and documenting their analyses than they have in the past in order to remain in compliance with the new regulations. SDA™ – S-Diamond Award – is an international food safety system, guaranteed by the Charted Institute of Environmental Health, UK and exclusively presented by MJ® for your food industry. This system:

  • Is easy to implement
  • Offers a year-round support and control over the workflow in your food industry
  • Presents your food industry with an internationally documented 1-year certificate that proves your submission in food safety

Key benefits of the SDA™

  • Very-well known worldwide
  • Acquiescent with international and local food safety regulations
  • Easy food safety scheme
  • Effective tool to monitor food handlers
  • Low risks of food poisoning risks
  • Achievements respectable reputation

How does SDA™ work?

To ensure that hygiene procedures are applied accurately in different food businesses, MJ® offers the S-Diamond Award. SDA™ is a yearly program that provides supervision of how raw materials are being handled until delivery of final products. It includes:

  • Trainings to your employees
  • Evaluation of your hygiene performance
  • Ongoing audits to ensure that agreements are applied appropriately
  • Regular shop visits
  • Excessive follow up